Macs Ventures Ltd.:

  • The source for excellent FileMaker design and development, creating incredible information management systems. We build FileMaker desktop systems for macOS and Windows, FileMaker mobile solutions for iOS and FileMaker web solutions with FileMaker WebDirect.
  • We integrate FileMaker with other data sources and extend capabilities on macOS systems with AppleScript.
  • Custom desktop, mobile and web apps developed with LiveCode. Apps run native in macOS, iOS, Windows, Android and Linux! Data storage in mySQL and SQLite with sync for off-line use.
  • Expert system support service for Apple products including OS X workstations, servers and laptops and iOS devices.
  • We offer broadcast consulting services focussed on Internet streaming. We have over two decades of experience.
  • We sponsor Max Radio Society who operate State-of-the-art Internet Radio stations CKLGLG73Max Radio, New West Rock and Uptown Radio with amazing audio quality.
  • Registered FileMaker Developer (Claris International Inc.)
  • Registered Mac Developer (Apple Inc.)
  • Registered iOS Developer (Apple Inc.)
  • Registered LiveCode Business Developer (Livecode Ltd.)
  • Registered Safari Developer (Apple Inc.)
  • Registered mySQL Developer (Oracle Corporation)
  • Registered Commercial Xojo Developer (Xojo Inc.)

Macs Ventures Ltd. is based in New Westminster, BC.

On-site and off-site service is provided throughout the Lower Mainland and off-site service is available throughout Planet Earth.